Late Summer Updates & New App 🌞

Hey there!

Here are some updates that I'd like to tell you about. We have already hit many milestones from the roadmap! I'm currently working on the app for Android, and later on iOS. I first thought I'd only do an Android app, but since many of you have requested the Apple version, so I'll make it happen once the Android app is ready and stable.

Some of the key features I'm trying to implement are readability for this blog, alongside the main website, store, and music player where you can listen to all my tunes. I'm also looking to add a better, responsive music player to the main website, at the same time with the app. The app will be free without any ads and I won't be doing any data collecting or even using cookies so it should be lightweight and fast!

I had an old android app a long time ago, as some of you might remember, but I never updated it for the latest Android standards so I'm starting completely fresh. I'm currently looking into submitting the first version as beta/early access to the Play Store soon, I'll add the link here too once the listing is live!

I've also updated our Discord with some new stats, new stickers, and emojis. And earlier this year I made a few changes to the Store designs, with some old gone, and added something new and fresh for the summer. I've also optimized the main website (ie. the new text logo) to be more consistent with the branding theme, with the main colors begin gold/yellow and black/gray as secondary. 

There have been several minor updates, such as the music player by the logo on the main website won't be showing to mobile anymore, where it's not responsive and it can play now even more songs!

But there are some updates for you. Hopefully, I have more to share soon... 

So enjoy the summer, and see you next time!

August 16, 2022