Roadmap for the 2022 🗺️

Happy New Year! 

It's been quite a while since any sort of update here, so let's fix that. 

Last year was great (excluding the pandemia)!

We heard a few new songs such as Beautiful Scene & Higher Ends

We also made a huge brand change going forward with a new logo and refreshing the colors to better represent and reflect branding. 

And the main website saw some huge updates too like the dark mode button!

The Roadmap

Here are some things I've planned to do this year, hopefully very soon!

  • Designing a new modern theme for this blog.
  • Building Android app from the ground up (iOS coming later). (Closed Beta)
  • Adding new fresh product designs for the Store
  • Keep the branding more consistent, website logos, etc.
  • Making more, melodies & music, with good vibes, and more!


Almost Ready, needing little work

Not ready or started

I'll update the progress and might add things as we go along the year so make sure to check back, enjoy!

    January 26, 2022