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Verified on Mixer! πŸ’œ


I recently got verified on Mixer and I'm now official partner!
Feel free to give me a follow there and hang out:

What is Mixer? It is a new streaming platform owned and operated by Microsoft.
Way better for smaller streamers than Twitch!

And a quick tip, you need to check out the community!
It's so friendly, welcoming and nice!πŸ’œ

You can browse through the community easily with ChannelOne, it highlights one of the streamers for 15-20 mins at the time and you can discover those smaller streamers as well! I use this feature a lot and find it very fun!

Another good channel that I follow is HypeZoneFortnite. Basically, it's the channel for Fortnite streams where streamers who are in Top 10 in the game gets featured.
So you don't need to watch all of those boring matches and can easily enjoy those Victory Royales.

This blog post, like all my other posts, are not sponsored in any way by anyone.
These are my honest opinions and recommendations! Seems Legitti, right?

Thanks again for coming by,
-Legitti 😎

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