Android apps to check out! 📱


Long time, no sea... see!

Today, I'd like to talk about a few apps that I have found useful on Android. I'm trying to include not-so-common apps, that you might find something useful. All these apps are ones that I use every day and can highly recommend, this is not sponsored in any way. None of the apps needs rooting or any other tricks in order to work. Hope this is useful to you, and I'd also like to know if there are any special or not so known apps that you like, leave them in the comments! These are the first apps that came to my mind, there are many more that I use on regular basis, let me know if you want to know more! All apps are 100% safe and can be found on the official Google Play Store (except ad-skipper due to terms). Some of them might be available to iOS too, I don't know as I don't currently have any Apple device (and I'm too lazy to google). 

1. YouTube Ad-skipper

First off, I love this app. You might find this recommendation odd as I am YouTuber, but let me clarify. This is not Ad-blocker, this is simply skipper (so no revenue is lost from any of your favorite creators!). The way it works is that it automatically skips ads on the official YouTube app after 5 secs and you can also mute them. It's very easy to set up and it runs always in the background but does not use a battery almost at all. I also paid for a premium version one-time fee to support, and to unlock a feature called Auto Skip, which automatically skips to the next video without any delays. It's just so good!

Unfortunately, Google Play's policies don't allow these kinds of ad blocking apps to be in Play Store anymore, but it's available as APK from their website. I've been using it for a long time ever since it first appeared on Play Store and it's 100% safe (yes I know it sounds sketchy when someone says that but it's true). But also the developer is a really nice guy, I made some suggestions for the app (such as dark mode) and they were added very quickly. 

This must be my favorite app, not just because of the dev but how practical it is, and it was their way before YouTube introduced their Premium plan, so it has saved me from so many annoying ads over the years! If you don't have YouTube Premium, I highly suggest you check it out!


This is a different kind of social media platform, more focused on creativity and art. In all forms. I highly suggest you check it out, it's available for both Android and iOS as well! There you can expect to find real, talented artists sharing their work, getting featured, and overall a nice little community. 

It is similar to something like Instagram, where you can post photos and videos, but there are a lot of other cool features like shoutouts to other users as posts, posting about movies you watch (tag them), finding songs to share that you enjoy and more! 

Really worth checking out. It is a fairly small community, but that doesn't mean it's not welcoming or nice, we want you to be part of us! And don't forget to follow me!

3. SD Maid

In short, SD Maid is the best Android Cleaning app. It has a free version, but the paid Pro version is also very much worth it. It cleans caches and other app junk that's left on your phone. It's also much better than Samsung's own built-in cleaning app, as it covers more things to clean than just regular cache. It's also supporting SD card cleaning. Check it out to learn more!

4. Idle Daddy

If you play any games on Steam, this is a must. It can help you Idle Hours to your games and what's even better, get you those card drops fast without having to install any games. It's even more useful if you have a decent to big size library! Check it out so you get an idea, been using this as well for years now, ever since Steam Idle Master was abandoned and no longer updated on desktop. The best Steam-related app, I wish I knew about this so much earlier than I did years ago.

5. Black Player

This is the best music and audio-playing app to play any audio files you might have. User-friendly interface and very nice functions like artist info, own equalizer, and more. What more can I tell you about a simple app like this? I've been using this for almost 10 years now, and it still gets regular updates and has been improving over the years, not that it was bad at any point but at its current state it must, and there are just so many features that I cant list here, check out its own Store Page to discover them all! 

Bonus: Sweech

Sweech is a really great WiFi File sharing app, you can easily transfer files between your PC/MAC and phone! It works through a browser, and the app needs just one click to set up a server where you can connect and see all your files on the local network. It's easy to use and the best part is that because it works as an FTP server with your phone, you can access your phone with any operating system that has an internet browser, and it also supports SD cards! The only negative thing is that it's not updated that often anymore, but it has been my go-to file manager for years! Check out the store page for more! 

My Phone
At the moment, I have Samsung Galaxy S9+ as my daily driver. I like it for its screen, battery life, camera, and overall quality. I might upgrade to the next Galaxy series phone next year (S21) but let's see if it's worth it, for now, this is perfect for my use. And oh yeah, the SD-card slot is a blessing, I'm rocking 256gb EVO+ SD card and love it!

Update: I updated my phone to OnePlus 9 Pro 256gb in 2021. Only thing missing is the sim-card slot!

November 10, 2020