Game Companies to avoid ❌

I thought I would make a little blog post about companies I don't support anymore. If there are any other companies I think I missed, I would be happy to hear, so let me know!

Electronic Arts
Same shit, different package. Every single year. Do I really need to explain why? Well, let's look at the Fifa 20 Legacy Edition for example. Same game, graphics, engine... everything. But the new price, and why? So that EA can milk every penny out of you in the form of Fifa Ultimate Team. Same random gamble every year, with a different package. Hope you get Ronaldo, you don't... and keep spending until you get it. And next Fifa is probably already out. They love those microtransactions.

And this is just an example of one of their games, latest.

Diablo Immortals. #BoycotBlizzard. Do I need to say more? Worst mobile game announcement ever on BlizzCon 2018.  Banned Heartstone winner for supporting freedom of china. Also, they are not paying him his winning money, and no communication to explain the situation. Even their own employees are against the ban, holding protests in their HQ.

Edit: They gave a response to the said incident and it's not making it any better. It seems like it's still the only Chinese market they care about.

Similar story to EA. Same games every year, like Call of Duty. And with pay to win microtransactions. They just love microtransactions, don't care if the dev of the game itself or customers are against them. Like Bungie with Destiny 2, no freedom just microtransactions. MW2 was a fun game, but it's time to stop, Mr. Activision.

Fallout 76. False advertising on pre-order Canvas Bag. Leaked customer details asking for a refund for said Bag. Collector's Edition helmet safety recalls due to possible mold. Pay to win Transactions. Games without content. Don't get me wrong... like few others of these companies, I used to like games they did. But now it's just all about money.

BioWare no longer just do quality games. Or care about them. Like most recent Mass Effect, or Anthem. False trailers, short campaign, bricking PS4 consoles, false road map to update Anthem. And now just leaving it bad as it is. Pay to win microtransactions.

Everyone probably knows about them already, shady tactics on employees to meet unrealistic quotas. Ripping off customers, overpricing, and overall bad customer experience.  Employees used to open and play games, then sell them as new. High-demand hardware is often bundled into more expensive packages. Why would anyone want to shop there in 2019?

Nintendo (mobile games) 
The first Mario Run game on Android that I played was fine. And it costed 10€ upfront, no additional costs. But now with newer mobile titles, microtransactions are all over. Like the new Mario Kart mobile game, that's just greedy.

PC Game Launchers
I'd like to give a special mention to all those random game launchers such as; Origin, uPlay, Epic Games Store, Rockstar Games... etc. We as customers do not want that, I get that it's sometimes more profitable to sell on your own platform, but why not just keep things under one place where you already have a customer base build like in Steam? Sure it's a little bit bigger cut, but Steam offers so many more features and has proven to be fairly reliable. If it's not broken, don't fix it.

 I wrote this in kinda just out of my head, and probably missed a lot of good and bad points on said companies. However, I just don't give them any money and don't support them in any other way. Sorry if this post was kinda negative, but I think you would enjoy the topic. In general, I don't like how the game industry is going all-in for microtransactions, rather than high-quality games. I didn't include other companies such as Twitch in this, let's keep it more about game devs and publishers. 

Did I miss anything? What do you think? What companies you don't like?

October 11, 2019


  1. :( antaisit bethesdalle mahollisuuden, fallout 76 kuitenki vaa yks peli, muut falloutit ja elder scrollsit (ESo en kyl oo pelannu) on kuitenkin eeppisiä. Ja se modien määrä kertoo jotain niiden suosiost = kuinka hyviä pelejä ne on. Fallout 76 oli vaan paska kokeilu.

  2. Thanks, this has hold up quite good for couple of years now.


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