What's going on? 😎


Here is a little update about what's going on recently! A few weeks ago my PC totally broke down, so it's been somewhat quiet here for a while. My apologies, I'm looking forward to posting more updates and content here soon. I already have a new PC (laptop again actually).

I'm currently in the process of recovering data from my old hard drives, it should be done fairly soon. So I can get more stuff  done for you.

If you have any ideas what you would like to see here or what should I post about, let me know and I'm more than happy to share with you. You may post them here in the comments section, my discord channel or even tweet at me! Really appreciated. I'm also still looking for new staff for my discord, so If you think you got what it takes, come see us and let us know!

And btw, legitti.link is up again for all your url shortening needs!

June 05, 2019